Certifying training:

2 Training themes : Economic Intelligence and Continental Free Trade of Africa (CFTA)

Formation « Economic Intelligence »


Interested in leveling up competitive position? Aiming to protect your intangible heritage? Do you want to build a powerful identity not only to influence your environment but also those who observe it? Big corporation have already grasped that value and apply it thoroughly! Economic intelligence integration in your company represent a considerable strategic tool. More than ever, in a world lead by knowledge economy, you can only advance your competitors by the power of knowledge and your ability to apply it faster and better in your decision-making process. You have understood the importance of mastering the notions of economic intelligence in a complex world full of different threats. Economic intelligence represents a key asset for your company regarding any economy. With the support our expert, you have the chance to take your company to the next level!

Objectives :

1. Acquire the notion of big economic stakes of globalization and economic intelligence.
2. Apprehend public politics matters of economic intelligence public action practices on markets
3. Apprehend new dynamics en market conquests and international development through strategic analysis tools and decision-making support in a complex environment.
4. Capitalize on internally produced knowledge and optimize its diffusion through a strategic watch procedure.
5. Understand how to set an influential strategy of coherent communication to serve your strategic objectives.


• Executive managers in international companies
• Associations, NGOs, and civil society actors handling international projects, public services managers
• Local authorities


40H | 10 MODULES

Formation « CFTA: What mechanisms and What Opportunities for Moroccan Companies? »


The Continental Free Trade in Africa (CFTA) is one of the 2063 Agenda major projects of the African Union. Approved by 44 countries during the 18th Extraordinary Session of the African Union Summit held in Kigali on March 21st, 2018, this initiative will lead to 1.2 billion people market for global evaluated GDP of approximately 3000 billion USD. This crucial step in regional African integration is considered as the most urgent initiative which will immediately generate rapid results, influence social-economic development, and give Africans more confidence in strengthening their implication and appropriation of the 2063 Agenda, despite the difficulties encountered by regional groups to position themselves in international value chains.


1. Better knowledge of the regional African integration characteristics
2. Better knowledge of the negotiation process of CFTA and the different steps to its realization
3. Mastering the legal implications.
4. Identify the business opportunities provided by CFTA
5. (ZLECA) est un projet phare de l’Agenda 2063 de l’Union africaine. Approuvée par 44 pays signataires


• Senior officials
• Export companies’ managers operating on international markets
• Researchers and graduates in political science, diplomacy and international affairs, African studies, or economics

Training Time

40H | 10 Modules