«Economic Intelligence»

Confronted to the challenges of globalization and a very competitive Business climate, the company today faces challenges that highlight the need to adopt and implement an economic intelligence approach to ensure their economic Development. . This training aims to convey to the participants the fundamentals of Economic Intelligence and adapted tools in terms of Strategic Analysis.

«ACFTA: What mechanisms and what opportunities for Moroccan Businesses?»

The African Continental Free Trade Area is a major project of the African Union 2063 Agenda. Crucial stage of the Regional African Integration that struggle to form regional groups able to position themselves on the international value chains, the ACFTA is considered an urgent initiative whose immediate implementation would generate quick wins, would influence social and economic development, would give more confidence to Africans and would reinforce their engagement and appropriation of 2063 Agenda.

AU Initiative

Initiative « African Union : Realize the New African Integration »

Having accompanied the strategy of Morocco’s return to African Union, the Amadeus Institute is dedicating three sessions to the “African Integration”.
This initiative will gather more than twenty leading figures representing the different countries of the African Union or that have an interest in the topic. The participants will be mainly Ministers, businessmen and businesswomen who will discuss the challenges of the African Union in terms of Governance and Regional Integration.

Business MEDays

Africa Business MEDays

«The Business MEDays» is an International Business Forum organized as a side event of the MEDays and will gather political decision makers, businessmen, economic operators, international businesses and experts in various fields.