Missions and objectives

Founded in 2008, the Amadeus Institute, Moroccan independent Think Tank based in Rabat, set up as a laboratory of ideas, a space of reflection, and as a creator of debate. Credible interlocutor for the questions related to the African Continent, the Amadeus Institute has also developed an expertise in analyzing the global issues on the international agenda.

Attentive to the preservation of its independence, of its impact and added value in terms of influence, debate and reflection, the Amadeus Institute made the choice, after 11 years of existence, to become more autonomous, to expand the scope of its actions and diversify its activities in order to respond to a market that is constantly evolving and meet the expectations of a growing number of organizations and institutions, both at the national and international level.

In Morocco, the relevant role that can be played by the Think Tanks in terms of economic and strategic intelligence should be questioned. In order for us to exist on the long-term basis, we made the choice to turn into a « Do Tank ».

Thus, building on its 11 years of experience and expertise as a Think Tank, the Amadeus Institute is now a key « Do Tank » firmly rooted in its environment and focused on a larger capacity of action and initiatives, beyond the natural and traditional activity of the Think Tanks Of reflection, debates and ideas initiative. This more practical approach, practiced by the Amadeus Institute, enabled it to reinforce its credibility and reputation over the last few years. In the framework of the development of its activities and in order for it to achieve its goals,

The Amadeus Institute operates in:

  • Consultancy
  • The Communication of influence
  • Economic Intelligence
  • Strategic events production
  • Training