Missions and objectives

The Amadeus Institute is a Moroccan think tank with an African dimension, founded in 2008 and based in Rabat. Initially set up as a laboratory of ideas on issues related to Euro-Mediterranean development, the Amadeus Institute has since expanded its expertise to other areas to become an independent, credible and innovative scientific interlocutor. Focusing on specific themes, the Amadeus Institute has asserted itself as one of the best think tanks of the South, which advocates for the voice and the vision of the South on a number of themes related to global development, crisis management and geopolitics.

The major strategy of the Amadeus Institute is to improve the interaction between governments, private sector and civil society through the organization of several conferences and workshops, both on the international level, via the MEDays Forum and the Global Growth Conference, and on the national level through the organization of workshops and roundtables on a regular basis. The Amadeus Institute is a creator of debates, which aims to bring together all the stakeholders, thus giving priority to a global understanding of the raised issues.

The Amadeus think tank has built a network of international partners dedicated to discuss and develop knowledge, serving the public interest. It is at the same time a field dedicated to reflection, advice, dialogue, support and consultation, but also a platform for exchanges, meetings and international cooperation.

The Institute has several objectives:

  • Analyze the geopolitical tendencies in the Maghreb, Europe and Africa
  • Impulse a dynamic of dialogue and debate to find solutions for the challenges of the SouthInitiate partnerships between governments, private sectors, civil societies and economic and political leaders
  • Create analysis and publications about strategic issues with a southern vision
  • Encourage scientific research and debate in Morocco
  • Participate in the momentum of the economic, social and cultural development of Morocco and other Southern countries
  • Consolidate the culture of research and think tanks in Morocco