Assessment and Perspectives

The Amadeus Institute, sole organizer of the event, does not reach out to any external or foreign entity (think tanks, consulting and lobbying firms, communication agencies, etc.) for the mobilization of high-level speakers participating in the MEDays. The Amadeus Institute can therefore, today, count on an exceptional international network, built since 2008.

In comparison with similar events, the MEDays Forum has proved its sustainability, credibility and value. The Forum has had an undisputed value added on the promotion of a “Morocco on the Move” in a disrupted Arab World.

The MEDays experience has proven that it is today possible to count on a sustainable Moroccan event instead of exclusively « importing » non-governmental conferences organized in Morocco by foreign structures, the impact of which does not reach the one of the MEDays Forum. Thus, the Amadeus Institute strives to root the MEDays as THE reference forum of the South, which aims to deal with key global topics.