9 editions of one of the main non-governmental events in Africa

9 editions of one of the main non-governmental events in Africa


The first edition of the MEDays was launched under the theme “Union for the Mediterranean”, a cooperation process officially launched a few months earlier. More than 500 people took part in the first edition that was led by high-level speakers coming from the Mediterranean, Africa and North America.

MEDays 2009: THE SOAR

The second edition of the MEDays focused on the central theme of “responsible co-development”, conducted for three days by 174 speakers and 1300 participants representing more than 70 countries. The presence and the media coverage of this edition, clearly increasing compared to the preceding year, have confirmed MEDays as being an important meeting that stand out by its outspokenness and the quality of its debates.


The third edition of the MEDays has placed the Forum as one of the main events on the international agenda and, most importantly, as a reference forum for the South. In this sense, MEDays 2010, under the label “MEDays: the Southern Forum” have tackled mainly the themes around the global issue “The South between crisis and emergence”, which has united 1600 participants around 175 speakers coming from 80 countries.


The goal of MEDays’ fourth edition was to sustain the global dimension of the forum. The 2011 edition, focused on the following theme “The South and global governance”, has gathered more than 2000 participants and around 170 speakers representing 85 countries. The great diversity of speakers, the quality and the depth of the debates as well as the free spirit of the Forum have created a real international network around this forum.


The fifth edition of the MEDays Forum has put forward major geopolitical and economic issues that make us question a “New World Order”. In 2012, the Amadeus institute has confirmed that it is able to organize a forum with such an international dimension, marked on the global agenda of great conferences, which gathers 130 speakers and representatives of more than 45 countries on a ministerial or official level.


The objective of the sixth edition of the MEDays was to bring forward the role of emerging countries as key partners to the North, and to discuss the necessity to develop North/South cooperation, in order to boost economic growth. 120 speakers, coming from 70 countries met up in Tangier around the theme “Which emergence in an unstable world”


In a difficult regional and international context, the MEDays Forum appeared as a necessary platform in the Arab World and in Africa. The multipolarity of political and security crisis in the South of the Mediterranean, in Iraq, in Ukraine, and in the African continent, has allowed MEDays to be at the heart of international headlines, while enhancing the relevance of the positions taken by Morocco, on the themes addressed. In 2014, around 120 speakers from 72 countries have accepted our invitation to debate around the theme “What order in the chaos?”


Despite a busy international diplomatic agenda, the 2015 edition of the MEDays has succeeded in gathering a range of high-level international leaders such as H.E. Paul Kagamé, President of Rwanda. During this 8th edition, around 3500 participants and 120 speakers from 80 countries were gathered to discuss the topic “From clashes to co-emergence”.


Exceptionally held in December, the objective of the ninth edition of the MEDays Forum was to bring about relevant and innovative solutions to the main economic and political current issues. Being the first international event after the COP22 in Marrakech, particular attention was given to COP22 follow-up. In 2016, about 125 speakers from 75 countries were gathered in Tangier around the topic: “From Fragmentation to Sustainability: Shifting Paradigms”. Held in the context of the request of the return of Morocco to the African Union, the MEDays have been the occasion for several African personalities to hail and support the demand of Morocco.